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Photo Gifts

Show genuine appreciation to your customers in a personalized and tangible way. Choose either a 1-year calendar, 2-year calendar or whiteboard. Customizable message and design to match your logo and branding. High quality to last for many years with free calendar pad refills.


Keep your customers coming back over and over again with our touchpoint postcards. Customize each touchpoint with your own message and coupons. 5.5 x 8.5” double sided, full color postcards with your customer's photo to stand out in the mail.


Running low on

calendar pads?

Tell your customers about special offers and stay in touch for life. Customize each email with your own message and unlimited coupons. Emails include your logo, your website links, customer and salesperson photos and more. Promote all of your social media and review sites.

Lifetime Digital Follow-up Program

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Loyalty program

Reward your customers with points and see them come back again and again.Proven, comprehensive and versatile points program designed to increase loyalty. Membership Rewards Program offers great discounts for your customer to help close the sale.

Social Media Integration and Promotion


Easily publish your delivery photos to your business' Facebook wall and Twitter feed. Customize your message with each post. Option to automatically email your customer link to your post.

Use our phone app to take the photo and instantly send the photo to your customer. Customize text message for each salesperson you can include your favorite review site link to dramatically increase the number of positive reviews you get on Google reviews Facebook etc.

Instant Photo Text

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Display your customer's photos on any TV, monitor or projector with internet. Photos auto update every few minutes to show your latest deliveries.

Photo Display

Customize your own survey questions. Link to survey is included in every email and on letter with each photo gift. Track survey results on our website.

simple survey

Filling out a form

Get monthly reports that track every aspect of our program. Photo gifts, emails, social media clicks, pages viewed, posts to your social media pages, etc.

detailed reporting

Financial Report

Data Integration

No data entry required. Our system integrates with every DMS on the market. Match the photos to the orders yourself or let us do it for a completely hands off approach. Super simple and easy matching process on our website.

Person Checking Data
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